Comfortech | New Nexera series – Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Series
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New Nexera series – Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Series


◎ A New Benchmark of Intelligence

◎ A New Benchmark of Efficiency

◎ A New Benchmark of Design

Red Dot Design Awards for Product Design 2019


Shimadzu Nexera Unit

(1) Absorbance Detector SPD-40 / SPD-40V
and Photodiode Array Detector SPD-M40

  1. Temperature control improves performance stability.
  2. Analytical data is linked to information about consumables to ensure traceability.

(2) Solvent Delivery Unit LC-40 Series

  1. Auto-diagnostics to detect problems during analysis, and an auto-recovery function.
  2. Reduces space requirements with a dual solvent delivery system.

(3) Autosampler SIL-40 Series / PLATE CHANGER

  1. The injection speed is twice as fast as previous models, shorte ning multi-analyte processing times.
  2. Can perform continuous analysis on up to 44 microtiter plates.
  3. High reproducibility and ultra-low carryover for micro-volume injections.
  4. Automated sample preparation functions such as diluting samples, adding internal standards, and performing derivatization reactions, reduce labor.

(4) Mobile Phase Monitor MPM-40

  1. Reservoir tray weight sensors monitor the remaining mobile phase in real time.

(5) System Controller SCL-40, CBM-40

  1. Supports remote monitoring via a smart device.
  2. Mobile phases can be purged and baselines checked easily via the touch panel.

(6) Column Oven CTO-40 Series

  1. Injection count, analysis pressure, and other column information is automatically managed.
  2. Easy column attach/detach mechanism prevents peak broadening.
  3. LabSolutions monitors column degradation level based on usage history.

Maximizing Reliability, Minimizing Down Time

Fully Unattended Operation from Startup to Shutdown

Nexera can be set to start up at a specified time, so that it ca n complete auto-purge, equilibration and baseline checks in advance, and b e ready for analysis as soon as you arrive at the lab. Moreover , the system can be set up in advance to run without user intervention all the way from start up through analysis to shutdown.
You can view the status and predicted analysis completion time f or multiple systems from any location via a smart device. None of these fea tures requires any special software.

Auto-Diagnostics and Recovery

In rare cases, air bubbles can form in the mobile phase and cau se problems if inhaled into the pump. Nexera has the ability to monitor baseline chang es and pressure fluctuations to check for abnormalities.
When it detects an unusual fluctuation, it can automatically pau se the analysis, purge the flow path, and restart analysis once it has confirmed r ecovery to normal pressure.

FlowPilot Protects Columns

HPLC columns can be damaged by sudden pump starts and stops or extreme gradient changes. The Nexera automatically uses FlowPilot (Smart Flow Control) to increase the flow rate gradually to the set point. There is no need to create startup protocols for each analysis.
(Pat. Pending)

Mobile Phase Levels Measured in Real Time

Reservoir tray weight sensors (optional) can be used to monitor the volume of mobile phase or autosampler rinse solution in up to twelve containers. The containers can also be checked remotely from a smart device.
You will no longer need to worry about running out of mobile phase mid-analysis, because the device will notify you before starting the run if the volume remaining is too low.
(Pat. Pending)

Remote Monitoring and Integrated Lab Management

Check Chromatograms Online

View the operating status of instruments from a web browser using a smart device. This allows you to confirm parameters such as oven temperature and pump status directly from the web, and to monitor chromatograms in real time without returning to the lab.
In addition, SHIMADZU LabTotal? Smart Service Net (optional) saves operating data from your instruments in a cloud server. Error information, including the date and time the errors occurred, can be sent via email.

Allocate Resources Efficiently

Manage the overall operation of your lab with SHIMADZU LabTotal Smart Service Net (optional). Review and compare instrument usage to maximize available analysis time, and manage shared consumables through a common system.
(Pat. Pending)

Automating Workflow, Maximizing Throughput

Analysis Cycle Time Less Than 10 Seconds

The SIL-40 autosampler can inject samples in as little as 5 seconds, twice as fast as the previous model. In addition, continuous analysis can be carried out on up to 44 MTPs (using 3 PLATE CHANGERS). Together these features dramatically increase analysis throughput.

Pharmacokinetic analysis requires not only speed but also high reliability at low concentrations. With its ultra-fast injection and ultra-low carryover, the SIL-40 autosampler delivers high reproducibility and reliability, even during an ultra-fast 30-second analysis.

Automated Analysis of Thousands of Samples

Non-stop temperature-controlled analysis of thousands of samples is now possible with the SIL-40’s optional plate changers. Set all your samples in advance with up to 14 MTPs or vial racks in each PLATE CHANGER. The autosampler’s excellent temperature control also allows the insertion of additional vials and MTPs during analysis.

Quick and Reliable Mobile Phase Blending

The Nexera can automatically blend mobile phases at any set ratio. This speeds up the preparation of buffer solutions and the dilution of solvents, and can be used to easily prepare the exact amounts required for analysis, reducing waste as well as labor.

Simplified Method Development

The Nexera Method Scouting System is capable of automatically switching between combinations of up to 6 columns and 8 mobile phases. It can run unattended, maximizing available uptime. In addition, Method Scouting Solution Software can automatically create methods with different columns, mobile phases, and gradient conditions from a single base method.

Compact and Inventive

Space-Saving Design

The Nexera frees up bench space with a compact design two thirds the size of Shimadzu’s previous model.

Energy-Saving Standby Mode

The Nexera uses over 80% less electricity when in standby mode, significantly reducing running costs and supporting an environmentally-friendly lab.

Easy-to-use Touch Panel

The touch panel screen and LabSolutions control screen display are uniform for easier operation.

Dual Injection Enables Simultaneous Analysis

Injection ports for two separate flow paths can be installed, allowing two different types of analysis (such as analysis of amino acids, organic acids or vitamins) to be performed using one system.

Ultra-low Carryover

The Nexera boasts ultra-low carryover, even on a high-sensitivity LC/MS/MS. This reduces time spent on rinsing, resulting in a shorter overall analysis time.

Add Samples Mid-Analysis

The autosampler allows the insertion of additional vials and MTPs even during analysis. The sample rack structure controls air flow inside the autosampler to maintain the internal temperature and prevent condensation.

 Air flow within the unit shuts out external air

High-Sensitivity Impurity Analysis

The SPD-M40 detector achieves an extremely high level of sensitivity and linearity (up to 2.5 AU). This allows quantitation of very lowconcentration impurities even in high-concentration samples. The UV cut-off filter installed in the detector prevents sample degradation due to UV light, helping to maintain good linearity at low concentrations.

Stable Baseline

Baseline fluctuations can affect peak area calculation, reducing the accuracy of quantitative results. The SPD-M40 photodiode array detector’s “Advanced TC-Optics” function adjusts the temperature of the flow cell, lamp, and optical system to lessen the impact of external temperature changes. Noise and drift have also been reduced by 40% compared to the previous model.
(Pat. Pending)


Faster Analysis Without Sacrificing Precision

It’s important to use the most appropriate column in your LC system to achieve the highest efficiency and most accurate chromatograms. The Shim-pack series consists of a range of columns designed with the increased capabilities of Nexera in mind. The superior ruggedness of Shim-pack columns ensures a long lifetime even with demanding sample matrices.

Shim-pack™ Velox

The superficially porous particle (SPP) technology allows for optimum separation and analysis times. The range of column types available enables you to choose the most appropriate column for each application.

Shim-pack™ XR-ODS II & III

Although the Shim-pack XR-ODS II has a particle size of 2.2 μm, it can be used up to a pressure of 60 MPa, making it appropriate for a wide range of analyses. The particle size of the XR-ODS III column has been reduced to 1.6 μm. With a maximum pressure of 100 MPa, it achieves high separation even with a short column length.
These columns are suitable for shortening analysis times while taking full advantage of the high separation power of UHPLC.

Shim-pack™ GIS/GIST/GISS

The Shim-pack GIS/GIST/GISS series lineup includes columns with particle sizes ranging from 5 µm, appropriate for HPLCs, to 2 µm, appropriate for UHPLCs. With a variety of substrates available, they are ideal for method development.

GIS Series: HPLC columns packed with a high-purity silica gel material as a base. With high particle uniformity to secure the mobile phase path, these columns are ideal for low-pressure analysis.
GIST Series: An increase in the inertness of the silica results in improved peak shapes and ruggedness. Can be used in pH 1-10 environments. Easy to use for a wide range of chemicals and environments.
GISS Series: Adding to the advantages of the GIST series, a faster elution time has been achieved to provide even sharper peaks.

LabSolutions Chromatography Software

Extract the Smallest of Shoulder Peaks

The i-PeakFinder tool can automatically recognize peaks even in complex chromatograms with high noise, and accounts for baseline drift for higher integration accuracy. Adjustable parameters in i-PeakFinder, such as peak detection threshold, allow the user to detect smaller peaks.
In addition, the i-PDeA II function can quantify peaks that cannot be completely separated by a column. Separate peaks by simply specifying the time and wavelength in LabSolutions.

Consistent Peak Splitting

Manually setting the baseline for fused peaks is time-consuming, and the peaks may be split differently depending on the user. The i-PeakFinder has adjustable parameters for different analyses, allowing the consistent application of the best baseline in each situation.

Dynamic Range Extension Function for Accurate Calibration

i-DReC is a new analytical method that significantly extends the dynamic range. It enables the analysis of high-concentration compounds without diluting them, and ensures a correct calibration curve.

Shimadzu has long been advancing the analytical performance of HPLC systems. At the same time, we recognize that overall efficiency depends not only on the performance of one instrument, but on the management of all devices within a lab. This realization leads us to now, a time in which AI capabilities have been incorporated to allow devices to detect and resolve issues automatically. In addition, lab management has been integrated using the Internet of Things (IoT) and device networking, making it simple to review the status of instruments and optimize resource allocation.

Building upon 40 years of experience in LC technology, the Nexera series is a family of HPLC systems that marries these AI and IoT enhancements to set new industry