Comfortech | Mini-Z series
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Mini-Z series

Benchtop WDXRF analyzers

The Mini-Z series of compact benchtop wavelength dispersive XRF analyzers are designed for analyzing specific elements. Since the optics are optimally configured to a particular element, this series allows for high precision and ease of analysis. The Sulfur analyzer is configured for analysis of S in fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, etc., meets the 15 ppm EPA regulation, and has a LLD (lower limit of detection) of 0.3 ppm.


  • Excellent LLD
  • Peak and background measurements
  • Easy-to-operate software
  • No cooling water, plug-n-play
  • Light weight and compact body
  • Exceptional repeatability
  • Wide analysis range
  • High-resolution, wavelength dispersive optics
  • No complex sample preparation required (reagent treatment, etc.)

Sulfur Analyzer

Specifically designed for rapid batch testing of low and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and gasoline fuel samples, the compact benchtop Mini-Z Sulfur analyzer is designed for easy use by non-technical personnel. Whether at petroleum pipeline terminals, refineries, or testing laboratories, the robust design is hardened for industrial use with minimal maintenance.

With many advantages over competing products and technologies, the Mini-Z Sulfur analyzer delivers an unmatched lower limit-of detection, a wide analysis range, and the best repeatability in the industry. It does not require combustible gases and runs on standard 110 VAC wall power.

The Mini-Z Sulfur analyzer, with a range of 0.26 ppm up to 4 wt%, complies with the most popular international standards for low sulfur measurements, including ASTM D-2622, ISO 20884 and JIS K 2541-7.

  • Direct measurement without sample preparation
  • Established method: wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ASTM D-2622)
  • Very low limit-of-detection (LLD): 0.26 ppm
  • Wide analysis range (LOQ): 0.78 ppm to 40,000 ppm
  • Outstanding repeatability: standard deviation of 0.18 ppm at 10 ppm
  • Fast measurement time: 300 seconds
  • High throughput: 6-position autosampler
  • No combustible gases required
  • Self contained with built-in computer, membrane keypad, and display
  • Extremely low maintenance

Zirconium Analyzer

Using wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometry, the Rigaku Mini-Z Zr can analyze zirconium coating weights in the range from 0.4 to 30 mg/m2 with just a 100-second measurement.

Measurements are non-destructive and do not require any tedious or time-consuming sample preparation, such as cutting out coupons or reshaping. The sample chamber is configurable to accept various size (diameter) cans.

The instrument is designed for routine walk-up, at-line use by production personnel. Built-in computer, display and membrane keypad simplify operation and deliver the ruggedness required for 24/7 plant operation.

  • Optimization for low coating weight Zr analysis
  • Easy-to-operate for non-technical personnel
  • Compact benchtop design for at-line use
  • No external computer needed
  • Exceptional repeatability at low coating weights
  • Wide analysis range
  • WDXRF design eliminates interference problems