Comfortech | GC-2014
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High Performance and Reliability for Capillary and Packed Column Applications

Shimadzu’s versatile GC-2014 gas chromatograph offers exceptional performance, value, and ease of use. Ideal for routine analysis, the GC-2014 utilizes the high-end technology of the GC-2010 to cover a wide range of applications from capillary to packed column analysis.

Advanced Flow Control
The GC-2014 has the same proven superior Automatic Flow Control as the GC-2010, resulting in unsurpassed retention time reproducibility. This digital control is standard for both capillary and packed columns. Manual detector gas control is optional for most detectors on the GC-2014.


GC-2014 Detectors 
Completely redesigned, they incorporate the GC-2010 detector designs for capillary analyses and the GC-14 detector designs for packed columns. The TCD unit is ideal for packed column measurements, employing the semi-diffusion cell design used in the TCD-14. The newly designed FPD-2014 takes advantage of the holophotal construction of the FPD-2010. Choose from a full line of detectors: FID, ECD, TCD, FTD (NPD), FPD, PID, PDID, ELCD, or SCD. The system is equipped with a detector control system optimized for dual detectors (FID and TCD) and comes standard with auto-ignition and re-lite features. Mounted under the top cover for added stability, injectors and detectors are easily accessible from the top of the GC. A variety of option units, including the AOC-20 Series, help support a wide range of analyses.


Column Oven 
By using the GC-2010 control electronics and cooling mechanisms, column oven performance has been greatly improved. Oven capacity is increased while maintaining a small bench space, with enough capacity to accommodate both capillary and packed columns together.


Shimadzu’s GC-2014 provides users with the flexibility to expand their systems for any application. The model for our System GC program, it offers an array of injection units and detectors, with the ability to install up to four detectors and three injectors.


Injection Units 
With the GC-2014, the optimum injection mode can be selected from four types of injection units. Users can choose from among a dual-packed(DINJ-2014), split/splitless(SPL-2014), single packed(SINJ-2014), or direct(WBI-2014) injection unit.


Large LCD Window 
The LCD window shows graphically all of the operation of the GC, including the data results, temperature profile, and the chromatogram in progress.


Intelligent Self-Diagnostics 
The GC-2014 provides complete self-diagnostics functionality and complete logging functions, which are compliant with GLP/GMP requirements.


Digital Control 
Using the electronic flow controller, the column inlet pressure, column flow rate, linear velocity and split ratio can be digitally set. Flow meters have now become obsolete. Users can easily set carrier gas flow, and can choose between Advanced Pressure Control and low-cost manual flow controllers for the control of detector gas.