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A new look, new concept HPLC

Shimadzu presents the LC-2010HT series of completely integrated, high throughput HPLCs.

The LC-2010HT is a next-generation HPLC based on the concept of high-throughput analysis and automated validation. The LC-2010HT is comprised of a degassing unit, quaternary low-pressure gradient unit, pump unit, mixer, ultra fast autosampler, column oven, and a UV-VIS detector with a thermostatted flow cell. System reliability has been further improved by standardizing the flow line arrangement in order to integrate the units. As with its predecessor, the LC-2010, the LC-2010HT has unparalleled flow rate and gradient concentration accuracy, but now boasts near-zero sample carryover with its needle coating technology. The LC-2010HT is available in two models, the standard model (LC-2010AHT) and the sample-cooled model (LC-2010CHT), for use across a broad range of applications from conventional liquid chromatography to semi-micro liquid chromatography.
The latest technology for multiple samples, high-speed injection, and automation is now condensed into a compact package! This is the optimum HPLC for high-throughput analysis, whether for R&D, manufacturing, or product quality control. The Shimadzu LC-2010HT series meets the demand.
High Throughput Autosampler
The high performance metering pump can precisely measure sample volume with no sample loss. This high throughput autosampler delivers the goods; superior repeatability (within 0.3% RSD*1), the lowest carryover (within 0.01%*1), and the highest speed (15s injection cycle). Two sample racks for 1.5mL vials are equipped as standard.
Sample Cooler (LC-2010CHT)
A direct cooling mechanism with Peltier element provides efficient and rapid cooling. The newly designed dehumidifier prevents condensation.
A small volume, high efficiency 5 line degasser is incorporated to remove dissolved gases in mobile phases as well as in the rinsing solution of the autosampler.
Reservoir Tray
The Reservoir Tray can accommodate six 1L bottles. Documents and small tools can be stored in the drawer, too.
System Controller
The Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Wizard function make it easy to operate the LC-2010HT.
Column Oven
The block heating type column oven can heat and cool up to two columns. The temperature deviation is minimized by a double Temperature control mechanism. The advanced Column Management Device (CMD)*2 can be used to easily manage column information.
UV-VIS Detector
Thanks to the lowest baseline noise (±0.25 x 10-5AU or lower*1) ever, higher sensitivity analyses are achieved. The standard temperature controlled cell reduces the influence of room temperature fluctuations on absorbance and gives a more stable baseline. A mercury lamp is built in to check wavelength accuracy.
Pulse-free solvent delivery is achieved by utilizing Shimadzu’s proprietary micro volume serial double plunger design. A newly developed Dynamic Inlet Valve (Pat. Pending) greatly improves flow rate stability and gradient performance.
1 – Under the Analytical conditions determined by Shimadzu
2 – Optional item


Category LC-2010CHT LC-2010AHT
Pump Type
Serial dual plunger, micro volume (10µL on primary side, 5µL on secondary)
Flow Rate Setting Range 0.001-5mL/min [1.0-35MPa / 145-5076psi]
Flow Rate Accuracy ±1% or ±2µL/min, whichever is larger (1mL/min, 3-10.0MPa / 435-1450psi, water, ambient temperature at20°C, except in gradient solvent delivery),±2% or ±2µL/min, whichever is larger (except above condition and in gradient solvent delivery)
Flow Rate Precision ±0.075% RSD or 0.02minSD, whichever is larger (0.05-2mL/min, 1.0-3.5MPa / 145-5076psi, methanol, ambient temperature at 20°C
Pressure Display Accuracy ±2% or ±0.5MPa, whichever is larger
LPGE Number of Solvents and Setting Range Up to 4 solvents
0-100%, 0.1% step
Concentration Accuracy ±0.5% (0.1-2mL/min, 1.0-20.0MPa / 145-2900psi, aqueous acetone/water
Concentration Precision ±0.5% (0.1-2mL/min, 1.0-20.0MPa / 145-2900psi, aqueous acetone/water
Type Membrane on-line degasser, 5 lines (4x mobile phase, 1x autosampler rinsing liquid)
Volume 4mL/min for mobile phases, 2mL/line for autosampler rinsing liquid
Injection Method Full volume injection, variable injection possible (no sample loss)
Injection Volume Setting Range 0.1 – 100µL (standard), 1-2000µL (optional)
(0.1-0.9µL in 0.1µL step, 1-2000µL in 1 µL step)
Sample Capacity
1 mL vials 350
1.5mL vials 140 210
4mL vials 100
Microtiter Plates Max. 4 plates (up to 384 samples with 96 well or 1536 samples with 384 well plates)
Deep Well Plates Max. 4 plates (up to 384 samples with 96 well plates)
Injection Volume Repeatability RSD <0.3% (10µL injection)
Carryover 0.01% (under conditions determined by Shimadzu)
Injection Volume Accuracy ±1% (50µL, n=6)
Repetition Injection Frequency 1-99/sample
Analytical Run Time Setting 0.01-9999.9 min (0.01 min step)
Injection Condition Steps Max. 202 steps
Operating Pressure 35.0MPa maximum
Rinsing Liquid Degassing Standard
Sample Cooler
(LC-2010CHT only)
Type Direct Cooling Type.
(For setting temperature at 4°C, ambient temperature shall be 30°C or lower and humidity 70% lower)
Dehumidity Incorporated
TemperatureSettingRange 4-40°C (For setting temperature at 4°C, ambient temperature shall be 30°C or lower and humidity 70% or lower.) N/A
Column Oven
Type Block heating with preheating of the mobile phase
Temperature Setting Range 4-60°C, 1°C step
Temperature Control Precision ±0.1°C
Temperature Control Range (Ambient temperature -15°C) – 60°C
Columns accommodated 2 x 250mm columns
Preheater volume 4µL (for Semi-micro), and 9µL, 2 channels
UV Detector
Light Source Deterium lamp, Low pressure mercury lamp (for wavelength accuracy check)
Wavelength Range 190-600nm
Bandwidth 8nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±1nm
Wavelength Reproducibility ±0.1nm
Cell 10mm, 8µL
Cell Temperature Control Standard (Setting temperature: High, Low, and OFF, 3 steps)
Drift 1 x 10-4AU/h (250nm, air in cell, constant room temperature)*
Noise Level ±0.25 x 10-5 AU (2 sec. time constant, 250nm, air in cell)*
Linearity ~ 2.5AU
Simultaneous Dual Wavelenth Measurement Selectable, two wavelengths in 190 – 370nm or 371 – 600nm
Signal Output 2 channels
Automation Function Auto start-up, Auto shut-down, Baseline stability autojudgement, Auto validation (Wavelength, Lamp Energy, Solvent delivery plusation, Column Temperature, Absorbance, Baseline drift, Baseline noise, Pressure Limit, Gradient accuracy)
Auto purge, Cell auto recognition, Column management (option)
Memory check, Max/Min pressure, Oven max. temperature, Lamp current, Motor Revolution monitor, Leak Sensor, Lamp Cover Sensor, Lamp housing max. temperature
Application Solvent Organic solvents (except fluorine organic solvent, e.g. HFIPA), Aqueos solution and mixture of diluted acid or base (except halo-acids, e.g. hydrochloric acid)
pH Range 1-13 standard
Liquid Contact Surface Materials SUS316, Ruby, Sapphire, Teflon®, Hasteloy C, PEEK, Trifluoroethylene, PFA Perfluoroelastomer, Quartz, Ceramic
Operating Ambient TemperatureRange, Humidity 4-35°C
max. 80% humidity
Power Requirements AC 100V-240V, 700VA, 50/60Hz