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HPLC systems are currently used in a wide variety of fields. Higher reliability in analysis data and higher efficiency in total analysis workflow are required for faster development of new drugs, for better food safety, and for meeting higher standards in environmental regulations. Many analysis techniques use LCMS, which requires a front-end HPLC system to provide solvent delivery performance in the micro to semi-micro range and injectors with low sample carryover The Prominence system can deliver real-world HPLC solutions, from an extended list of applications, for whatever your demand or need may be. A network-ready HPLC, Prominence features the world’s first Web control, fastest sample injection, and the highest detection sensitivity performance to surpass current HPLC technology.

Superior Component Performance

The SIL-20A/C autosamplers use a high-resolution metering pump and total injection volume method for no sample loss injection. The 6 nL resolution ensures accurate and reproducible analytical data.

Injection volume accuracy

Set Value(uL)

Measured Value(uL)



0.99 -1.00


1.99 -0.50


5.01 0.20




20 19.92


50 49.90


100 99.70



Injection Volume(uL)

Area Repeatability(%RSD)















A specially treated outer needle surface and improvement of needle seal composition greatly reduce sample adsorption. This performance is critical for achieving the high sensitivity of LC-MS/MS. In addition, the optional multi-liquid rinsing demonstrates almost undetectable sample carryover. The chromatograms below show the carryover of highly adsorptive chlorhexidine.


The SPD-20A detectors achieve the highest level of detection sensitivity and linearity by electronic noise elimination and a temperature-controlled flow cell. This performance is ideal for everyday needs and especially suitable for high-sensitivity analyses such as impurity quantitation.

With the SPD-20AV, both D2 and W lamps can be lit simultaneously so that high-sensitivity analysis for the full UV to VIS wavelength range is possible.


Flexible system configurations


Standard automated system


Prominence features a wide variety of components, enabling you to build systems to meet any application need. Exceptional performance and functions such as high throughput and low sample carryover enhance any system: performing routine analysis to becoming a highly sophisticated LCMS front end.

The SIL-20 rack changer stores and transports up to 12 standard or deep-well microtiter plates to the Prominence autosampler for a significant advantage in sample capacity and throughput. Standard (ambient temperature) and cooler models with temperature control from 4 to 40oC are available.

Prominence will support multiple LC-20AB binary pumps, allowing an automated pretreatment system with column switching to use gradient elution in both sample pretreatment and analysis. With an additional pump, an automated system for direct serum injection with online sample dilution capability can be configured.


High-capacity system with rack changer


Serum Direct Injection Auto-pretreatment System


Microplates in rack changer


Innovative network compatibility

The world’s first HPLC control by a web browser is available with the CBM-20A. Use any computer with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 to control and monitor the Prominence HPLC system. Connection to the CBM-20A with a static IP address requires no special software to control and monitor HPLC systems on the network from the client PC.
Easily check the status of networked HPLC systems, or monitor consumable parts for increased work efficiency.

HPLC control through Internet Explorer

Connection of HPLCs and PC workstations via the Ethernet enhances flexibility of instrument installation to efficiently use laboratory space, and provides a flexible analytical network environment by controlling access to the configured HPLC systems from client computers.
Networked Prominence systems support HPLC control, run monitoring, maintenance information, data management, and integrated analysis schedules.


Example of network environment using Prominence