Comfortech | Online TOC-V CSH
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Online TOC-V CSH

In addition to the high performance and advanced functions of the TOC-VCSH laboratory model, this ON-LINE TOC-VCSH is equipped with the functionality to perform continuous automatic sampling. It can be used in a wide range of applications, from monitoring the water used in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries, to monitoring boiler water, cooling water, and wastewater.
The addition of this model further broadens the application range of the TOC-V series.

The ON-LINE TOC-VCSH has inherited the high-performance characteristics of the TOC-V combustion-type models. These analyzers boast a wide range of organic substance detection capability based on 680ºC combustion catalytic oxidation. In addition, the following features have been added:

Fast measurement time, flexible measurement cycle settings, and automatic calibration functions 
NPOC measurement intervals as small as 5 minutes allow quick detection of changes in water systems. The analyzer offers multipoint calibration from a single high standard, and can generate up to a 10-point calibration curve from a single standard. The measurement cycles are customizable in the range of 5 to 999 minutes intervals. The analyzer performs zero and span calibrations automatically.

Built-in software for pharmaceutical water management applications 
Software for performing USP/EP system suitability test is incorporated in the analyzer. Using the optional OCT-1 enables fully automatic execution of this function.

Off-line measurement 
Off-line measurement capabilities are standard. The optional OCT-1 can be used for off-line auto-sampling.

Wide variety of measurement methods 
NPOC (TOC measurement by IC removal using acid sparging), TC (total carbon), and IC (inorganic carbon) measurements are all possible. Adding the optional TNM-1 allows continuous monitoring of TN (Total Nitrogen) in samples.

Data I/O functions 
Measurement values output via an analog output circuit (capabilities: 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 16 mA, or 0 to 1 V) or digital data via an RS-232C port. Measurement values and conditions can be output by a built-in printer or external printer. Alarm output functions: instrument status, instrument errors, and measurement value. External control using contact input signals (sample measurement, automatic calibration start/stop).

Running costs can be reduced using optional inboard air purifier kit (applications above 1 ppm) 
Dry, oil-free air is purified and used as carrier air for the instrument, which eliminates the need for cylinders (for applications above 1ppm). An optional nitrogen carrier gas kit is also available. Nitrogen can also be used as a source for carrier gas (for applications below 1ppm).

Pharmaceutical Water Management Capabilities 

  • Fully automatic execution of the USP/EP system suitability test
  • Preprogrammed USP/EP tests are provided standard. Using the optional OCT-1 enables fully automatic execution.
  • Management of Raw Water for Pharmaceutical Production
  • Using the ON-LINE TOC-VCSH to perform on-line automated management of raw water will ensure fast detection of changes in water systems.

Recycled Water Management for Semiconductor Industries 
Recycled water in semiconductor manufacturing processes commonly contains acids, alkalis, and salts. These substances affect the overall electrical conductivity of the water samples. Using electrical conductivity methods in these matrixes give incorrect values.
The ON-LINE TOC-VCSH, using catalytic combustion oxidation and NDIR detection methods, can easily quantify organic impurities in these samples without matrix interferences.

Other Applications 
There are many applications where the ON-LINE TOC-VCSH’s high sensitivity and the ability to detect all types of organic substances offer significant advantages. These include:

  • Quality control of raw water used in the food industry (food, drinks, etc.)
  • Monitoring/Control of organic contaminates in process plant water systems (cooling water, recycled water, and boiler water)
  • Monitoring/Control of organic-impurity in recycled water for cleaning systems